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Zühtü Akıllı Sensei

Zühtü Akıllı was born in Istanbul on 19/03/1969. He began to work out Judo in 1983.

Zühtü Akıllı, the founder of Istanbul Aikido, has 4th Dan from Japan Aikikai and he is also a coach of 5th Dan and 3rd degree from Turkey Aikido (Wushu) Federation.

" AIKIDO, currently the most modern martial art, is the 21st century's most advanced sports, defense and art reform allowing us to adapt to our life in psychological, emotional, mental and physical terms.”

Zühtü Akıllı Sensei 



It is also relative to express an idea on this concept even if many books and articles are written on it. Even if the word Sensei is used for anyone, who has come to a particular degree within time, actually Sensei is not an name that can be gained only with a particular degree.

Sweat always drops, the real question is "what is sweat blended with?"

If Sensei blends his sweat with patience and respect, that is fine. If he adds his pain, anger, desires, to his sweat, it is bad...

Sweat does not accept either pain, ego or arrogance, however if some people add them to their sweat they can’t climb the ladder of virtue.

Even if Sensei’s spirit gets its most spectacular form as time goes by,  it is obvious how it shall get matured on the bottom rung.

As only those, who kneads the dough, knows about the dough; it is the first and the only teacher that you meet who can find the proper consistency.

No matter how much you sweat by yourself, “sensei” is the person that you meet for the first and only time who can give a meaning to it.



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Zühtü Akıllı
Zühtü Akıllı Sensei
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