AIKIDO Istanbul

Zühtü Akıllı Aikido School


Aikido Istanbul was founded in 2003 by Sensei Zühtü Akıllı. Our school continues the training programs for years without interruption in the summer and winter period.

Aikido ecole, taught at our school, is the Japan Aikikai ecole, which is the traditional style and still managed by its founder O-Sensei's family. Our school has adopted this ecole since its establishment and continues its training in this style.
In our school, adults and children are being trained without discrimination of age, sex or body type within a particular discipline and respect.

In order to increase and continue our success in education and training, we develop new techniques and skills through both demostic and foreign training seminars within the year.
We look forward to welcome everyone, who love the sport of Aikido, in our school....