Aikido for Kids


In our school, "Our Children's Dojo" began its training life first in 2006. And our trainings continue in summer and winter without any interruption.  

In this short time, "Our Children's Dojo" has managed to become the most qualified Children’s Aikido School of Turkey and Europe. At our Dojo, mixed trainings are open for children between 8-14 (providing that they have completed their physical development).

Our courses are scheduled as to be 2 (two) days per week as Saturday and Sunday. And  course hours are from 11:00 to 12:00 in the morning. Also, additional courses for students with higher belt degrees are performed under the supervision of Zühtü Akıllı Sensei during certain periods deemed suitable by him on Saturdays and Sundays and these are continuation courses with a supportive nature.



During our trainings, Aikido doctrines of Sensei Morihei Ueshiba are applied to children ukes in the same manner as to adults. 

Our educational goal is to increase self confidence of our children and to teach them self defense techniques without any incitement to violence while helping socialization of our children and considering their moral developments.

Also, due to the nature of our techniques, which are sometimes simple and sometimes complex, positive changes in our children’s perception level are also aimed. And an increase in flexibility and a muscle growth will occur as a natural result of the training.