Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art taking its techniques from Budo and its doctrine from Bushidoda.

Ai-Ki-Do is composed of three words and these are;

AI: Harmony, Unifying + being in harmonious.

KI: Energy (potential and kinetic energy) + energy that creates the universe.

DO: Road, discipline, method, ecole.

We can say that Aikido is the doctrine to learn how to be in harmonious with all created living beings (friend or foe).

Although Aikido is a martial art taking its essence from the traditions of Japanese samurai, it is not a martial but peaceful art that is desired. AIKIDO, beyond self-defense and being a tactical unit, is the way to excel the spirit, strengthen the body and mind, and combine the physical and mental strength of the person to create a person who is completely in harmonious with the environment.

AIKIDO is an internal phenomenon that helps a person to extract his potential inside. There isn’t any age, sex or physical power limit requirement in Aikido.

Women, men and children from all ages can do it.